3 Inspirational Christmas Lighting Photos

Right now is a great time to start planning your Christmas Holiday lighting.

Christmas is just around the corner!

Right now is a great time to start planning your Christmas Holiday lighting.
And since Christmas lighting is one of our specialties we have a very special post this month featuring some of our favorite Christmas lighting projects.
We love working with our clients to provide the best service possible. That means listening to our clients and helping them make their Christmas lighting dreams a reality.

We start all of our projects with a consultation so that we can figure out exactly what your needs are. We like to work with our clients to develop a budget that works for them as well as allows us to make their Christmas lighting the best it can possibly be.

Let’s start off with one of our projects that had a very simple yet beautiful set-up. We used the placement of decorative stringers to stay within budget while providing our clients with the beautiful Christmas lighting they were looking for. Notice the consistency in light pattern flowing from the garage and roof and continuing down to the trees.

Knowing how to work within a budget while delivering a beautiful and consistent presentation can mean the difference between an amateur-looking Christmas lighting setup and a professional-looking one.

The second image isn’t technically a “home” but it is from one of our favorite clients and it is definitely inspirational!

This image is from our Canadian Tire Christmas Trail and features a few lighting setups incorporated into this stunning presentation including branch wraps. It’s a perfect example of what a property can look like when there is no limit to budget or creativity.

Notice the design elements that exhibit great planning and attention to detail. Although there is a lot going on, the property does not look overcrowded or tacky. This can happen often when the sky is the limit in regards to budget, but there is no professional planning.

When it comes to design and especially Christmas lighting design, more isn’t always better, and just because you have enough money in the bank to light a football field that doesn’t always equate to the best-looking property on your block.

Professionalism and planning are the most important part of creating that perfect Christmas lighting setup.

Our third and final image from our Twinkly Pro Tree.

This lighting setup is sure to turn heads anywhere a Christmas tree can be found!

We are extremely proud to carry this product line of Twinkly Pro lights and love installing this kind of light setup on our client’s and partners’ properties.

Twinkly Pro lights feature Professional RGB lighting that gives you great control of your lighting and the placements of your lights so we had to feature this product and this image in our inspirational Christmas lighting blog post.

Choosing the right lighting products is a crucial step towards creating the perfect Christmas lighting setup and you can’t go wrong with these Twinkly Pro lights.

Hopefully, this post will give you some ideas to help you create your perfect Christmas lighting setup while allowing you to express your own Christmas Lighting creativity. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to make sure that you don’t miss another blog post of any of the exclusive news and offers we share with our subscribers.

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