About Illuminations Lighting

We’ve been brightening lives for 25 years. Experience our outstanding results and market-leading service.

We’re not too small, and not too big,
we’re just right.

For 25 years we’ve been brightening lives with everything from holiday lighting to landscape lighting, and many commercial lighting projects in between. We sell, install and service the best commercial-grade outdoor lighting available in Toronto, Durham and York in Ontario. We have been doing this for residences and commercial properties, and recently even municipality main streets.

Illuminations Lighting was founded by Mitchell Levine in 1999, but thanks to our local customers and dedicated team of lighting experts, we’ve grown to become one of the premier Christmas, landscape, commercial and event lighting companies in the Greater Toronto Area. The projects we take on range from quaint little cottages to popular Christmas lighting trails and events throughout Ontario.

We Install Lights

With our professional Canadian lights we will drape, hang, and clip all the professional lighting and decorations you need. We’ll also brighten up your landscape and the darkest corners of your home.

We Sell Lights

Let our exterior lighting experts help you illuminate your home or business. We offer light fixtures for retail-ready presentations and wholesale distribution.

We Design Lighting Experiences

Look over there! Visitors enjoying themselves at a special event? Well we can set the mood for you. Contact us for holiday lighting, exterior lighting and much more!

We have fun, but we’re serious when it comes to the serious stuff

We’re certified, insured and professionally trained (elves). When it comes to Christmas and holiday light installation, we shine brighter than anyone else. We know how to handle commercial grade, LED lights that are so brilliant that you can light up the entire outside of your home! From heights training to how we handle (and not tangle) endless strands of our quality lights, we take our jobs very seriously.

We love what we do, and we’re great at it!

When it comes to planning and designing your landscape lighting system, We not only take aesthetics into account but functionality. We know how to plan the wiring layout as to extend the overall lifetime of every LED bulb in your system and ensuring all is up to code.

We have all the required tools and equipment to take on any project, big or small. Installing landscape lighting is no easy feat but with our experience and love of the craft, you rest easy and know that your new lighting system will be spectacular!

The Spark that Ignites the Illuminations Magic

Mitchell prefers to be called, Mitch. Just that. He is the one behind the scenes of this vibrant and growing small business for the past 20 years.

His hard work and tenacity have allowed us to continue growing every year, and his excellent customer service and general popularity (everyone likes Mitch!) have kept our many repeat customers happy and loyal.

When Mitch isn’t lighting up your lives, he’s out fishing on his boat. And when Mitch isn’t out enjoying his lifelong passion of fishing on his boat on whatever lake strikes his fancy at the moment, he enjoys sharing his beautiful country life with his mini animal farm of extra large dogs, escape artist goats, quirky ducks and a saltwater aquarium, affectionately referred to as Tank Town.

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A great company that provides a top notch service to their customers. The service provided was fantastic, and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely use them again for my next project.

King City

Franck Arieh

Illuminations Lighting is a complete joy to work with. The friendly staff and installers are knowledgeable, helpful and professional. We have always been pleased with their services and products.

Richmond Hill

Daren Shelley

Illuminations Lighting has provided us with exceptional service. I would like to thank them for their hard work and commitment. They did a great job at our event. I would recommend their services to anyone.


Ramon Martin

Illuminations Lighting has been a great experience. They are pleasant to work with, and the whole process has gone extremely smooth. The technicians were very knowledgeable, and have done a fantastic job.


Dejan Rudo

Wonderful services, great prices, and awesome customer service. I recommend them to anyone who needs a great team of lighting technicians for landscape lighting, Christmas lighting and commercial lighting.


Glen Horn

Fantastic service with such a bunch of friendly and enthusiastic lighting technicians. My wife and I are truly happy and very satisfied. Without a doubt, we will be engaging their services again.

East Gwillimbury

Ammara Beaumont