What We Do

We love light as much as you do! We’re continuously expanding our collection so that you can decorate your indoor and outdoor space with lighting that’s as unique as you are. Also, let Illumination Lighting to install them!

We Install Lights

With our professional Canadian lights we will drape, hang, and clip all the professional lighting and decorations you need. We’ll also brighten up your landscape and the darkest corners of your home.

We Sell Lights

Let our exterior lighting experts help you illuminate your home or business. We offer light fixtures for retail-ready presentations and wholesale distribution.

We Design Lighting Experiences

Look over there! Visitors enjoying themselves at a special event? Well we can set the mood for you. Contact us for holiday lighting, exterior lighting and much more!

Landscape lighting is a powerful design accessory. It can change the look of a home, neighborhood, or apartment complex.


Bring your home’s best features to life by creating a dramatic effect with landscape lighting.


Create functional, livable spaces outside around pools, decks or patios with the right landscaping lights.


Our outdoor lighting offers essential illuminations for night time navigation and safety around decks, patios and entryways.


Landscape lighting safety is top of mind for so many of us. The right lighting system can illuminate a home’s dimly lit spots and make your outdoor space well-lit, so you and your family feel safe.

Christmas Lighting

Illuminations Lighting has over 25 years of Christmas lighting experience in York Region, Durham Region, Toronto and the surrounding areas. We understand how busy the holidays can get, and sometimes it’s hard to find the time and motivation to hang up your Christmas lights.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

It just isn’t Christmas until you see twinkling Christmas lights hanging from rooftops and wrapped around trees.

Indoor Christmas Lights

As professional Christmas light installers, we want to create an environment in which to bring smiles to you and your loved one’s faces.

Artificial Christmas Trees

There’s nothing like the sight of a beautifully decorated home or business with dazzling lights to signal the holidays.

Christmas Figurines

Wherever there’s Christmas spirit, we’re in the midst of it with a full line of outdoor Christmas Figurines.

Commercial & Event Lighting Installations and Sales

Illuminations Lighting helps companies and organizations extend their brand to their building and customer environments.


String Lights are the perfect accent to an outdoor event venue. They provide a classic nostalgic touch to allow for an intimate evening.


We  use the latest technology and use a wireless LED Uplight that can achieve nearly any color in the spectrum.


Our lights can change to the beat of music, and the active color changing LED lighting can be used for a dramatic lighting effect.


We are strategic with the way in which we execute the lighting, wanting to be sensitive, not wash away any of the ambience of the event.

Permanent RGB Holiday Lighting

Redefine your lighting with RGB – now in the palm of your hand. Our RGB lights permanently installed once and turn them on and off with an app on your phone. Not only do they work great for Christmas, but you can use them for other holidays like Valentine's Day, Halloween, and more.


Enhance any home, business or downtown area with our weatherproof, permanent, outdoor lighting system.


Install once with little or no maintenance. Get ready to light up your space - and save!


Benefits of LED lighting include energy efficiency, long lifespan, and low maintenance costs.


Compared with Installing temporary lights every year, the permanent RGB lights will save you money in less than three years.

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Fantastic service with such a bunch of friendly and enthusiastic lighting technicians. My wife and I are truly happy and very satisfied. Without a doubt, we will be engaging their services again.

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