DIY VS. Professional Landscape Lighting

Do-it-yourself landscape lighting has seen a significant increase in recent years.

Do-it-yourself landscape lighting has seen a significant increase in recent years. Not only because high-grade products have become easier to access, but also because the do-it-yourself trend as a whole has been growing recently. Now you can visit big box stores like Costco, even Walmart and most of them have a pretty decent-sized selection of landscape lighting kits and products to help you make your landscaping dreams a reality. Some may argue that the products you find at stores like Lowes, and Rona are not the best quality products or that you can find better products with better pricing if you look beyond the stores like Home Hardware or Home Depot, but I guess that can be something we discuss in another post.

To summarize the first point, landscape lighting has definitely become more accessible to the everyday consumer making it much easier for them to do their landscape lighting themselves. Not only are outdoor lighting fixtures and landscape lighting kits more accessible, but mediums like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook make it easier to get information on how to install and maintain your landscape lighting yourself. The only caveat of do-it-yourself landscape lighting is unless you’re a trained professional you have no real way of gauging what the results are going to be and that can be very important.

Every home is different, every landscape is different and everyone’s do-it-yourself ability is different. Let’s face it not everyone can light their landscape like a pro by just visiting a store and watching a couple of videos online. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can be the difference between professional-grade, well-maintained sparkling beautiful lighting, and unprofessional-looking lighting.

Luckily we have just rolled out our new Do It Yourself lighting kits which we have designed to solve those problems. We offer custom outdoor lights, outdoor light fixtures, and DIY landscape lighting kits that also include specific instructions on how to install these lights yourself and make them look professional. Our whole thought process behind this new product rollout was to make it as easy as possible for anybody to get outstanding landscape lighting results with our high-grade products and “walk you through it” video process.

Hiring professionals to handle your landscape lighting needs is also a very smart way to get your home looking beautiful all year long. Some of the obvious benefits are the fact that you do not need to set aside time to install the outdoor light fixtures yourself. You also get the benefit, and comfort of knowing that you have a professional installing your outdoor lighting, someone who does this day in and day out for a living. Someone who has been trained and knows how to make sure that your landscape lighting looks the best it could possibly be.

By hiring professionals to install your landscape lighting you get the reassurance of knowing that your installation is backed by a company that has helped thousands achieve their outdoor landscape lighting goals. Professionals you can rely on to get the job done right, time after time consistently.

Whether you are the do-it-yourself type who would prefer to install your outdoor light fixtures and do your own landscape lighting, or you would prefer to have professionals install your landscape lighting now, Illuminations Lighting can help you be involved as much or as little as you’d like. Have our professionals come to your home and install your outdoor light fixtures for you or Do it Yourself with confidence with our professional-grade outdoor light fixtures and video installation support.

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