Embrace the Colors of Every Season with Permanent RGB Holiday Lighting by Illuminations

Illuminations Lighting doesn't want the magic to end when the holiday season fades. Introducing Permanent RGB Holiday Lighting, a unique, customizable, year-round lighting solution that brings vibrant colors and elegance to your home or business. Step into the world of perpetual celebration with Illumination’s' Permanent RGB Lighting.

As the holiday lights come down, the magic doesn’t have to fade away. Illuminations Lighting, a torchbearer in lighting innovation, introduces Permanent RGB Holiday Lighting, an everlasting celebration of colors that transcends seasons.

Year-round festivity with Permanent RGB Lighting

Traditional holiday lights are temporary, but Permanent RGB Lighting by Illuminations is a game-changer. These lights are a permanent, fully programmable system installed onto the eaves of your home or business, ensuring that every day is a celebration.

A Palette of 16 Million Colors

Unlike traditional holiday lights limited to a few colors, Illuminations’ RGB Lighting offers a palette of 16 million colors. Whether it’s a vibrant display for a birthday, pastels for Easter, or classic red and green for Christmas, the possibilities are limitless.

Customizable Lighting Patterns

Take control with a fully customizable system. Create different color schemes and patterns to suit every occasion. Permanent RGB Lighting allows you to change the ambiance of your space with just the touch of a button.

Top Permanent RGB Holiday Lighting Products

Illuminations Lighting takes pride in offering a range of top-notch Permanent RGB Lighting products:

– RGB Pro Show Lights: High-quality lights that deliver a stunning display.

– RGB Controllers: Take charge of your lighting with precision.

– RGB Accessories: Enhance and customize your lighting setup.

– RGB Lighting Kits: Everything you need for a DIY installation.

– Twinkly Pro 5mm Stringers: Add a touch of magic with these versatile string lights.

– Animated Trees: Bring your outdoor space to life with animated lighting displays.

– Controllers and Accessories: Fine-tune your lighting experience.

Permanent RGB Lighting Features

– Controlled by an App: Effortlessly control your lighting with a user-friendly app.

– Nearly Invisible During the Day: The lights and wires are discreetly encased in a color-matched track.

– Never Climb a Ladder Again: Say goodbye to the hassle of seasonal light installations.

– Customize for Any Day of the Year: From holidays to special occasions, customize the lighting to suit the moment.

– Low Voltage LED: An energy-efficient solution that’s environmentally conscious.

Embracing the Magic Every Day

Permanent RGB Lighting by Illuminations isn’t just about decorations; it’s about embracing the magic every day. Make birthdays, welcome home celebrations, parties, game days, and more extraordinary with a touch of vibrant color.

DIY Options for Easy Installation

Illuminations Lighting understands the value of your time. That’s why they offer easy DIY options for installation. Say goodbye to slippery ladders and tangled lights, and imagine more time with family and celebrations.


Illuminations Lighting invites you to embrace the colors of every season with Permanent RGB Holiday Lighting. Elevate your space with a lighting solution that goes beyond the traditional, making every day special. Let the magic continue with Illuminations Lighting, where lights are more than decorations; they’re a part of your daily celebration.

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