The Top Ten Things to Consider When Picking a Christmas Lighting Company

Why would you hire a company to hang your Christmas lights? Here are the top ten reasons to consider.

Everyone wants to spread cheer, but some shine brighter at the job than others! Why would you hire a company to hang your Christmas lights? Here are the top ten reasons to consider.

But first. Yes, I must highlight the fact that I may be a bit biased as one of the owners of Illuminations. But, I think once you read this blog, you’ll likely agree on the tips shared here. Enjoy and feel free to let us know what you think!

It may seem clear and easy to decide which company to hire to hang your Christmas lights. The truth is, it’s not ALL that clear.

Here are the top ten tips to help you find the (b)right one to light up your home!

  1. Choose a company with positive client testimonials, and who have pictures of many of their jobs online.
  2. Ask about their bulbs —not all bulbs are created equal! They should not only be outdoor safe, but so should all of the other parts that are used (things like extension cords). More on bulbs below.
  3. Work with a company that warranties their installation…AND their bulbs!
  4. Make sure to work with companies that have experience. Straight lines, enough lights, great coverage and spacing are only a few of the things a professional crew of elves considers!
  5. Make sure they have the right gear. A cherry picker (or a bucket or boom truck) is not only cool, it’s very safe. The only way to pay attention to every last detail while you’re high up is in a safe and stable bucket truck. No need to rush!
  6. Check that they have the best crews of trained installers (or as you may have noticed, we call our team…elves!)— not everyone can create beautiful pieces of lit art! And that’s what your home is in a dark sky, a very noticeable art installation. Details like the Christmas lights all pointing in the same direction, clean corners, hidden ugly parts (!), tucked away cords, and straight clean lines on a house are all important considerations.
  7. The best supplies — yes, even the quality of mundane things like clips, extension cords, and good lighting timers make a difference.
  8. Safety is a big concern in many ways, and the way the company’s crews work is no exception —from avoiding lone climbs up rickety ladders to using items safe for the outdoors (and in Canadian winter weather), everything about enjoying the holidays starts with everyone being safe.
  9. Make sure they provide excellent customer service for the season and are not just there when things are installed. Holidays are a hustle enough as it is, no need to worry about your lights working. Pick a company that will take care of it all for you.
  10. Make sure they’ve been around awhile, and more importantly that they’re set up to be around for a (long) while longer. A warranty is only as good as that company being there to service you.

Hope this helps you make the (b)right choice when it comes to who’s going to hang your Christmas lights this season!

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