Top 10 Christmas Light Displays in the GTA. Some of the best Christmas light displays around Toronto.

Looking for something to do with the family this holiday season? If so, don't miss these top Christmas light displays in Toronto.

Looking for something to do with the family this holiday season? If so, don’t miss these top Christmas light displays in Toronto. Taking a drive through one of these neighbourhoods will make you feel like a kid again! Plus, it’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit.


It’s a great area to check out, with lots of other houses displaying holiday lights. There are also many houses which don’t have any lights up at all! If you’re looking for somewhere safe and family friendly to take your kids around Christmas time, this neighbourhood is perfec


This display is a bit different than the others. It’s not that they’re not good, but they’re just different.


If you’re looking to experience the magic of Christmas lights without having to drive far, then look no further than Bowmanville.


The lights are synchronized to music and controlled by a computer.


If you happen to be in Mississauga and looking for a good Christmas light display, Mill Pond Drive is a great place to start. The street has many beautiful homes that are decked out in lights every year. This year we noticed more than ever how many people take part in this tradition and we were impressed by the creativity of some displays.

It’s not just about how big the lights can get, but also where they’re placed on the houses. Some houses had their entire front lawns covered with various shapes and patterns of lights while others had them strategically placed on exterior features such as roofs, fences and walls.

Richmond Hill

Here’s our list of our top 10 must-see Christmas light displays in Toronto:

  • 1. The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) – This is one of the best places to see an elaborate and modern take on a traditional Canadian Christmas display. The AGO features a giant gingerbread house made out of over 80,000 LEGO bricks! It will be open from January 6th until February 5th 2023 between 5pm-10pm Monday through Friday and 11am-5pm weekends.
  • 2 . Toronto Zoo – The Toronto Zoo has been holding their annual ‘Zoo Lights’ event since 2003 where visitors come out every weekend until December 31st 2022 from 5pm – 9 pm Friday & Saturday nights with extended hours on select days during weekdays). There are over half a million lights strung around various structures throughout this zoo; it makes for an enchanting experience as you walk along pathways trying not step on any animals or crush any blinking bulbs!

This year, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Christmas light displays in Toronto. These are all great places to take your family and friends to check out Christmas lights in 2022.

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